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Smart Workbook

CAFA SmartWorkbook - A Smart Way of Coping with Common Core Challenges


The SmartWorkbook is a Common Core Math workbook application powered by CAFA (Computer Adaptive Formative Assessment) engine. The SmartWorkbook website,, provides free Math workbook especially designed to help educators and parents implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics.


The SmartWorkbook is part of an effort to publish more materials that are fully aligned with the CCSS. Developed by experts in assessment (Jaehwa Choi, Associate Professor of Educational Research, The George Washington University) computer science (Kyongil Yoon, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Notre Dame of Maryland University, mathematics (Sunhee Kim, Associate Professor in Mathematics, Howard Community College) content, this application can be accessed on demand through the web or printed in hard copy from a downloadable workbook.


Various features of this application (e.g., immediate feedback, solution steps, hints, practice items, and other support) can also be accessed by smart phone using QR (Quick Response) codes. The SmartWorkbook contents currently cover entire 6th grade and will cover 3rd through 8th grade by end of 2015.



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Create Your Own Common Core Workbook for Free (Personalized and Individualized Workbook)

  • CAFA SmartWorkbook is Individually Differentiated with Different Numbers, Figures, and/or Answers!

  • CAFA SmartWorkbook is Personalized with Your Name!


Click HERE to create your own workbook (individualized one)


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SmartWorkbook was created in the spirit of sharing and collaboration for coping with Common Core Challenges. Please further share it with others.




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